Made by hand angel using Shamballa beads, wings made with resin, a crystal bead and a silver halo. The angel is then placed inside a heart shaped bauble on a bed of feathers that I colour co-ordinate with the angel, it has a ribbon attached so the bauble can be placed on a hook or lay flat on a grave.

These Angels make beautiful keepsake gifts for loved one who have passed on. The bauble is left unsealed so the customer can add a lock of hair, a personal note or any other personal items. they come in a range of colours.

The angel in a bauble are a gift that can be made for male or female, of any age, they are made with love and care, these in particular are a very loving way to remember babies that gained their wings.

These make a perfect gift for remembering a parent, a grandparent, aunt or uncle, friends. You can also personalize by adding an Initial or a Message charm. You can also have it made in any of the county colours of Ireland if you so wish;.



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